• OSSEOUS Sizer is used to measure the distance between any two points of middle ear cavity which is to be connected using a prosthesis. For instance, In a Stapedioplasty surgery, the exact distance between the long process of the Incus and the footplate can be measured using the Osseous Sizer and accordingly the Osseous surgical implants can be trimmed using Osseous Cutter (REF: EI01).


• OSSEOUS Sizer is equipped with a pointer for the precise measurement of prosthesis for middle ear reconstruction and tympanoplasty. In order to measure two point, hold the instrument like a pen and position the tab at end of the needle at the level of the first point. With your index finger push the button until the mandrel coming out of the needle reaches the second point. Distances are indicated in Point millimeters on the instrument's handle. This instrument is made completely of stainless steel which can be sterilized or autoclaved.