• A laryngectomy leads to a loss of mouth/nose breathing. This means that the filtering warming and humidification of the air has to happen in a different way. To prevent irritation of the airways, due to dry air, dust or harmful substances contained in the air, a filter is required. So Heat/Moisture Exchanger (HME) helps to keep your lungs healthy by humidifying and filtering the air that you breathe.
• Air-HME more useful during day while physical activity is more, since it has the lowest breathing resistance.
• Moist-HME more useful during night for getting the best possible humidification and breathe comfortably.

  Design Benefits

• Low breathing resistance
• Reduces coughing and mucus production
• Easy occlusion of the stoma for voicing
• Can be used day and night
• Comfortable breathing
• Facilitates speaking for laryngectomised patients with a voice prosthesis
• Prevents secretions from reaching the patient’s fingers or clothing
• Quickly removed at any time