• Long and Extra Long Tracheal T-Tube enables short-term surgical management of tracheal and subglottic stenosis and the reconstruction of cervical and trachea and long limb serve as both a tracheostomy tube and a tracheal stent. Long T-Tubes are designed with long limb to bypass and stent a tracheal stenosis between the thoracic inlet and the carina. Extra Long limb maintaining an adequate clearance in the airway and capable of keeping this function for long periods.

  Design Benefits

• Long and Extra Long distal limb so customize the intraluminal limb to any desired length.
• To support intrathoracic tracheal stenosis.
• Not harden, non-reactive and non-irritating to ensure patient comfort.
• Permit secure placement to maintain the airway in acute injuries.
• Prevents sliding and facilities the aspiration of bronchial secretions.
• Used as a tracheotomy tube and a tracheal stent.
• Eliminates complications in cases of edema.
• Non-adherent smooth surface.
• Available in Clear or White material.

  Material: Medical Grade Silicone