• A thin layer of Hydroxyapatite (HAP) is coated onto the top surface of Disk-Cylinder for better fixation of Disk to Tympanic Membrane (TM).
• The HAP coating gives a firmer grip of the prosthesis to the TM. It acts as an intermediate layer between TM and the Titanium Disk. The prosthesis has the conducting capabilities of Titanium and excellent flexibility that gives more comfort to surgeons.

  Design Benefits

• Favorable fixation with TM (Fibroblast cell fixation within HAP pores).
• Light weight compare to conventional HAP prosthesis.
• Excellent biocompatibility.
• No need for Cartilage placement between prosthesis and TM.
• Least risk of extrusion due to HAP coating.
• Provides good flexibility.
• Good visibility during implantation of prosthesis on Capitulum/footplate.