• Clip means a flexible device which holds objects in place. This principle is used in Clip Stapes piston is one of the most efficient and effective solution for stapedioplastly. Clip Stapes piston simply clipped on the “Long process” of incus and does not encircle the incus so improves the vascular supply of incus.

  Design Benefits

• Clip shape like loop provides secure attachment on incus.
• Improves the vascular supply of incus.
• No need to crimp piston.
• Reduces risk of osteo-necrosis.
• Clip Stapes Piston is MRI Compatible.
• Eliminates the process of stapes piston fixation.
• Maximizes hearing result because of clip loop is not encircled the Incus.
• Reduces the surgical process time and crimping difficulties.
• Pistons can be trimmed by using Osseous Cutter (REF : EI01).