• NiTiNOL is Nickel (Ni) and Titanium (Ti) both as alloy accidentally discovered by two researchers at the Naval Ordinance Laboratory (NOL) and thus the material named NiTiNOL. The properties of NiTiNOL provides easy bending and twisting of prosthesis.

  Design Benefits

• Alternative choice for NiTiNOL shape memory users who are concerned about heating the Incus.
• Self crimping to long process of Incus
• Surgeons who enjoy crimp free pistons finds solution with Super Elastic NITINOL Loop. The loop closes softly, uniformly around long process of incus which minimizes the risk of incus necrosis. Superelasticity property reduces the time of surgery.
• Minimum force required to fit
• It can be easily fit to long process of incus by applying a simple vertical force.
• Super Elastic NITINOL-PTFE Piston can be easily cut because of PTFE shaft.
• Both Pistons can be trimmed by using Osseous Cutter(REF : EI01).