• Super Titanium is a kind of material which can be bent and twisted but it always returns to its original shape. Unique flat loop design of Super Titanium material provides self crimping (elastic properties) attachment to Incus and also provides uniform attachment of loop around total periphery of Incus which reduces the risk of compressive necrosis. A superelastic property of loop reduces the surgical process time and crimping difficulties.

  Design Benefits

• More elastic titanium material for self crimping effect.
• Elastic self crimping loop shortens the time of surgery.
• Stable design provides maximum sound output.
• Reduced risk of osteo-necrosis.
• Super Titanium Piston is MRI Compatible.
• Super Tita-PTFE Piston can be easily cut due to PTFE shaft.
• Simplified loop introduction to Incus by easy downward movement.
• Both Pistons can be trimmed by using Osseous Cutter (REF : EI01).