• Both Pistons consists of a flat band loop and shaft, used for Stapedioplasty surgery. These prosthesis are connected between “Long Process” of Incus and the Footplate. In Malleus Stapedioplasty, the piston requires to be bent at the neck and this titanium loop easily facilitates this requirement which is not possible in the commonly used Teflon piston.

  Design Benefits

• Only one Piston is required for a Stapedioplasty surgery as the length can be cut as per requirement.
• Malleable enough to facilitate bending at the neck for Malleus Stapedioplasty.
• Stable design provides maximum sound output.
• Offers best possible length selection.
• Easy loop introduction.
• Low risk of osteo-necrosis.
• Tita-PTFE Piston can be easily cut due to PTFE shaft.
• Tita Piston is MRI Compatible.
• Both Pistons can be trimmed by using Osseous Cutter (REF : EI01).