• Both the Fluoroplastic Universal Middle Ear Prostheses are having partially cannulated shaft which allow usage as Total prosthesis from Tympanic membrane to Footplate and Partial prosthesis from Tympanic membrane to stapes head as well. Only one Universal Middle Ear prosthesis requires in case of both total or Partial prosthesis requirements.

  Design Benefits

• Only one Universal prosthesis is required for a surgery as the length can be cut as per requirement.
• Offset prosthesis is allowing surgeon’s visibility of the superstructure of stapes or footplate during surgery.
• Stable design provides maximum sound output.
• Offers best possible length selection.
• In case of Offset prosthesis, the position of shaft permits a direct, rather than angled, union between footplate or stapes head and tympanic membrane.
• Centered prosthesis is conventional design.
• Both prosthesis are Much Biocompatible with biological tissues.