• This Nasal instrument has important functions for both OPD and operating room. It is also called the packaging forceps or dressings forceps.
• Forceps are bent at an angle so the hand grasping the instrument doesn’t obstruct the vision of the examiner. The blades are long and thin so they can be easily inserted into the nasal cavities.

  Design Benefits

• To perform anterior nasal packing.
• To remove foreign bodies, crusts or packs for the nose.
• To pack the nose with gauze stripe during nasal surgeries or sinus surgeries.
• To remove cartilage and bone pieces during septoplasty or SMR.

Ref No:
Material: Stainless Stell
Ref No Specification Unit/Box Price/Unit Weight
EI06 Material: Stainless Stell 1 2000 200

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