• Laryngeal Umbrella keel used to repair of anterior subglottic laryngeal stenosis, with or without vocal cord paralysis, subsequent to removal of a laryngeal stent to insure reformation of a sharp anterior commissure and to prevent formation of an anterior web. The extra laryngeal surface is secured to the thyroid laminate to protect the thyrotomy repair.

  Design Benefits

• Helps to repair of anterior glottic stenosis and to protect the thyrotomy repair
• Prevention of stenosis following hemilaryngectomy
• Formation of a sharp anterior commissure subsequent to removal of laryngeal stent
• Soft, solid conforming structure
• Solid and soft structure consisting extralaryngeal cover with a thin intralaryngeal insert
• Anti-adherent smooth surface
• Available in Clear or White material
• White umbrella keel enables easy visualization for removal

  Material: Medical Grade Silicone